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Faculty Openings

Young and research-intensive, Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) is ranked 12th globally. It is also the world’s top young university and ranks 6th globally for Engineering and Technology. With its research output ranked amongst the top twelve in the world, the College of Engineering (CoE) is a recognised leader in innovation and technology.

CoE is the largest college in NTU and comprises six internationally known engineering schools with more than 13,100 students, 560 faculty and 1,700 staff. At the College of Engineering, we encourage faculty to seek new knowledge, discover and create innovative solutions. By providing the necessary resources and environment, we help them embrace challenges and think outside the box to create game-changing and sustainable solutions for the benefit of industry and society.

We provide: 
  • An active and vibrant research environment
  • Excellent R&D infrastructure and opportunities for research funding
  • Well-equipped state-of-art laboratories
  • Attractive research start-up-grant and Ph.D. student Scholarships
  • A competitive remuneration package and attractive benefits