Newspaper Articles



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Schlundt, Jorgen. “Fighting a Plague that Could Lead to More Deaths than Cancer”. The Straits Times. 2 Nov. 2017. Online

“Eating Too Much Saturated Fat Can Cause Gut Inflammation: NTU Study”. The Straits Times. 3 May 2017. Online


Boh, Samantha. "New Research Centre at NTU to Study How Food Can Be Made More Efficiently and Safely". The Straits Times. 7 Nov. 2016. Online

Boh, Samantha. "New NTU Unit to Study Food Safety, Boost Health". The Straits Times. 8 Nov. 2016. Online

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Wee, Lea. “Mosquito Repelling Plants Fly Off Shelves”. The Straits Times. 10 Sep. 2016. Online​

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