Keynote Presentations


Schlundt, Joergen. Accelerating Food Safety Modernisation in Developing Countries, Food Industry Asia - World Bank Group,Singapore, 19 February 2019.

Conway, PL. Development and Establishment of Human Microbiome. NNI Regional Symposium on Understanding Human Milk Oligosaccharides and Implications in Infant health; Jakarta, February 2018 
Conway, PL  Trust Your Gut:  How Gut Microbiota Affects Overall Health; ILSI regional meeting, Manila , May, 2018
Conway, PL. Probiotics for Gut Health, Immunity and Beyond. Singapore Paediatric Society and NNI symposium on Infant Health., July 2018

Conway, PL. Probiotics and the role in infant health. College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Singapore (CPCHS) Medical Updateonway, PL. Probiotics and the role in infant health. College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Singapore (CPCHS) Medical Update 

Conway, PL Eat your way to good health: Feed your good bacteria. 4th Annual Culinary Wellbeing Conference, At-sunrice Chef Academy,Singapore, November, 2018 

Conway, PL. Mechanisms of action of probiotics. ILSI India Conference on Role of Probiotics in Promoting Healthy Microbiome For Health and Immunity. December, 2018

Schlundt, Joergen. “Quantifying the Problem of Antibiotic Resistance”, The 5thInternational One Health Congress, Saskatoon, Canada, 22-25 June 2018.​

Schlundt, Joergen. “Antimicrobial Resistance and Once Health Solutions”, The 5thInternational One Health Congress, Saskatoon, Canada, 22-25 June 2018.​​



Schlundt, Joergen. “Empowering Global Food Safety through Whole Genome Sequencing”, Int. Conference on Next Gen Sequencing, Bangkok, Thailand, 20-22 Feb, 2017.

Conway, Patricia. “The Role of Probiotics in Infant Health and Well-being”, 2nd Probiotics Congress, Hong Kong, 1-2 Mar. 2017.

Schlundt, Joergen. “Foodborne Disease Surveillance: the Need for Science-based Action, National Food Safety Training”, Jakarta, Indonesia, 13-14 Mar, 2017. 

Schlundt, Joergen. “Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Fishery Sectors - Opportunities for Science-based Change”, Asian-Pacific Aquaculture Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 26-28 July, 2017.

Conway, Patricia. “The Prebiotic Properties of Australian Honeys: a Possible Dietary Intervention for Healthy Ageing, iFood Conference: food for the future: quality, safety and sustainability, Singapore, 6-7 Sep. 2017.

Schlundt, Joergen. “Antimicrobial Resistance and Foodborne Disease Burden”, Meerut Inst. of Engineering and Tech. Research Conference, Delhi, India, 23 Sep. 2017.

Schlundt, Joergen. “The Revolutionary Future Global Use of NGS: Global Microbial Identifier”, USFDA & DA Genome Trackr NGS Meeting, Washington DC, USA, 13-15 Oct, 2017.

Conway, Patricia. “ Antimicrobial Resistance: from Knowledge to Action”, Public Health Thought Leadership Dialogue presented by Professor Keiji Fukuda, Singapore, 1 Nov. 2017.Schlundt, Joergen. “Whole Genome Sequencing - Linking Public Health and Food Safety in S.E. Asia”, China Int. Food Safety and Quality Conference, Beijing; China, 1-2 Nov. 2017.

Conway, Patricia. Targeting Digestive Health to Delay the Development of Degenerative Diseases in the Elderly”,1st ARISE Research Symposium, Singapore, 11 Nov. 2017.

Conway, Patricia. “The Role of Gut Microbiota in Human Health and Disease”, 10th Scientific Seminar on Probiotics and Prebiotics: Role in Promoting Gut Microbiota & Health– A scientific and regulatory update. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 22 Nov. 2017.Schlundt, Joergen. “Moving forward the AMR Agenda - New Lab and Epi Tools



Schlundt, Joergen. “NGS And One Health: The Case For An Open International Database For Whole Genome Sequences Of Microorganisms”, 3rd Ann. Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Conference, Singapore, 12.Oct 2016.

Schlundt, Joergen. “Creating a Global System to share Whole Genome Sequences of all Microorganisms”, The Global Microbial Identifier, Int. Food Safety and Quality, Shanghai, China, 2-3 Nov. 2016. 

Schlundt, Joergen. “The Need for Surveillance to Document Effect of Policies to Reduce Animal Use of Antimicrobials”, International Conference on Global Food Safety and Antimicrobial Resistance, Shenzhen, China, 14-16 Nov. 2016. 

Schlundt, Joergen. “Foodborne Disease Burden and Antimicrobial Resistance, Growing Global Problems”, Global One Health Conf, Melbourne, Australia, 4-7 Dec. 2016.​


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