Research Impact


Academic Entrepreneurship

3D Intelligent Solution (3DIS) helps businesses in petrochemical, pharmaceutical and construction sectors to improve  safety and productivity by leveraging its invention (patent filed) that can automate and optimise the Intelligent Lifting Planning of heavy cranes (mobile, crawler, tower) in complex plants for maintenance and turnaround applications.
This invention is built on top of work on latest research in Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Big Point Cloud Data based 3D Mapping, and Low Cost & High Performance GPU Computing. 
3DIS solution can be used by plant owners, lifting service providers, and lifting teams for both planning and training purposes.

Prof Cai Yiyu


SynPhNeTM is a connected health solution that helps people train body and brain together as ONE system. SynPhNeTM  captures brain and muscle signals and enables people to SELF-CORRECT movements in real-time after stroke, injury or ageing.

Dr John Heng and Dr Subhasis Banerji


At d'Optron, we innovate and build novel optronics systems that enable quantitative 4D imaging over a wide range of applications, such as microelectronics, biomedicine and precision engineering. Examples include d’Holoscope, d’Polariscope, d’Nanoimager and d’Biomager. ( Taking a customer-centric approach, d'Optron also provides specialised and customised solutions through our consultancy services.

Prof Anand Asundi

Hillhouse Technology Pte Ltd focuses on the development of technologies for vision-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (“ADAS”). The company has developed a revolutionary camera system, which could be the brains of a new generation of smarter/autonomous vehicles, and help them to make split-second decisions about whether and how to avoid other vehicles and objects that pose a danger to them​.

Chen Shoushun (Asst Prof)

KdotP Soft Pte Ltd is a startup providing scientific software products in semiconductor physics and device physics simulation.  The software is based on our 10-band k.p programs which can be used to calculate band structures, density of states (DOS), Fermi energy level, optical transition momentum matrix elements, spontaneous emission rate, radiative recombination current density, and optical gain of semiconductor quantum wells. The simulation results are useful to design and understand semiconductor LEDs, Laser diodes, QCL, photodetectors, solar cells and modulators.

Assoc. Prof. Fan Weijun and James Zheng


Agronosis is a start-up focusing on research and development of biotechnology, life and medical science products. The initial focus is on the utilisation of a patented bioreactor to cultivate microalgae as animal feed.

Lau Wai Man, Raymond and Robin Low 


CACANi (Computer Assisted Cel Animation) is a patented technology based on a novel varying-width stroke representation, which enables easy and stylish vector-based line drawing, automatic in-between frame generation and coloring in traditional 2D animation production.

Prof Seah Hock Soon


Capere Surgical Systems is privately held medical device company that develops novel technology for tendon repair. Capere tendon repair (CTR) device comprises a stainless steel implant which is used in conjunction with standard surgical techniques to provide a stronger tendon repair, thus reducing repair failure. CTR system will also allow for early post-operative mobilisation which may further shorten recovery times and improve clinical outcomes.

Dr LIM Beng Hai and Prof CHOU Siaw Meng


EndoMaster has created a novel robotic-assisted surgical system for endoscopy that will significantly advance current endoscopic surgeries and enable surgeons to perform incision-less surgeries that could only be performed by open and laparoscopic surgery before.

Dr Louis Phee