Prospective Students


Why NTU College of Engineering?


Engineering touches all aspects of civilisation. Increasingly, it is also leading the way from creating technological advancements to incorporating new knowledge from other disciplines and becoming one of the main drivers of economic growth in our world today. There are now abundant opportunities and diversities for the engineering profession, including for careers in medicine, business and sciences.

NTU has a tradition of excellence in Engineering, with engineering education at the core of the Institution's purpose since 25 years ago. At NTU College of Engineering (CoE), students will discover engineering in a different light.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose NTU College of Engineering:

Broad-based and Industry Relevant Education

To succeed in the global workplace, a broad body of knowledge and skill-sets is necessary. We design our undergraduate programmes to provide a complete education and create diverse opportunities to harness the talents of students and nurture graduates not limited by boundaries. Our programmes provide a holistic education that includes a strong grounding in engineering fundamentals, appreciation in arts, humanities, business and sciences, practical experience and soft skills. This integrated and interdisciplinary approach equips our students with the ability to understand and address larger context of issues during their career. Coupled with training in social graces, we offer a complete education experience for students.

Our close relations with businesses have also enabled us to offer a robust curriculum that keeps pace with the needs of industry and create high demand for our graduates.

Innovative Approach to Learning

At NTU College of Engineering (CoE), our programmes are designed to emphasise holistic view, analysis, problem-solving and entrepreneurial flair, and we teach them in an approach that fosters teamwork, communication skills and professionalism.

"Active Learning" pedagogy is being introduced in our classrooms. This pedagogical approach enhances students' understanding and application of the subject matter and concepts. Learning activities are devised towards fostering lifelong learning, discovery skills and preparing students better for the working world.

Window to the World

Because Engineering is international, we create edge and pivotal experiences in students' education by infusing global perspectives and flavour. Whether it is research collaboration, joint academic programmes, study abroad or work attachments, we have established a web of strategic linkages with peer Institutions and industry around the world. Through our Global Immersion and International Student Exchange programmes, our students had stepped foot on some of the world's most exciting and dynamic economies in North America, Europe and Asia. They studied in partner Universities such as UC-Berkeley, Peking University and/or work in MNCs, leading companies and exciting start-ups in Hi-Tech Parks. This international experience allowed them to build up networks and achieve significant personal development.

Research of Global Significance/Industry Experience

Research expands the base of engineering knowledge. At CoE, research forms an integral part of students' education. In team projects or in formal programmes like Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus (URECA), students gain hands-on research experience and invaluable insights into designing and managing complex projects. Such research experience makes NTU students highly competitive for careers, scholarships and graduate study admission. Alongside research exposure, we assist students to gain professional engineering experience and apply classroom knowledge to real-world projects through work attachments in private or public organisations locally or abroad.

Diversity and Richness of Campus Life

CoE attracts students and staff from over the world. The broad diversity of thoughts, backgrounds, interests and capabilities enhances educational experience. Students have access to our pool of dedicated quality faculty who are experts in their fields, and who are committed to improving curricula, teaching methodologies and learning environment. 

On campus, regardless of interests, students can expect an exciting campus life filled with cultural, social and sporting activities and unique experience of living in halls.​​​​