Current Students


CoE offers 11 single-degree Bachelor of Engineering programmes, 3 single-degree Bachelor of Science programmes as well as second majors, double degrees and integrated Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Science programmes.

Fundamentally, the undergraduate curriculum integrates principles of engineering with a multi-disciplinary education in the arts, humanities, business and social sciences, to better equip students with the competencies needed to meet the changing demands of the global economy. Students are armed with not only technical knowledge but also analytical, problem-solving, entrepreneurial and communication skills that are highly valued and sought after by employers. Learning is collaborative and participatory with students taking on active roles in the classroom and becoming content co-creators alongside their tutors.

CoE’s robust professional internship programmes and project collaborations with industry partners allow students to acquire real-world, professional experience even before they enter the workforce. Global exposure through the University’s overseas attachment and exchange programmes also offer students regional and international experiences, imparting global-mindedness and inter-cultural competence These add value to students’ employability and enhance career mobility upon graduation, even beyond our shores.