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Academic Mentoring



The Academic Mentoring Scheme for students has been implemented in all the NTU schools. The scheme has five objectives:

  • To help students adapt to undergraduate life.
  • To establish rapport and encourage interaction between faculty and students.
  • To provide a channel for student feedback.
  • To keep students informed about NTU matters.
  • To guide students in choosing appropriate courses of study and career options.

The academic mentoring scheme complements the services provided by hall fellows and the professional counsellors at the Student Counselling Centre (SCC).


The academic mentor is a link between the students and the appropriate person or authority concerned, for example, his/her tutor, course coordinator, SAO or the Assistant Chair. The mentor is not expected to be fully conversant with all aspects pertaining to students in the University. We are aware that an apparent academic problem may sometimes be related to the student's personal difficulties.  For such cases, the student should be referred to the university's professional counsellors at the Student Counselling Centre.

Our freshmen come from diverse background. The initial task of the academic mentor is therefore to provide information on university life: how teaching is done, what is expected in tutorials and examinations, what resources are available in the library and who to seek help from, how to study, and how to get the most out of their stay here.  Mentors also advise on time management, academic performance and achieving a good balance of co-curricular activities.




Each student will be assigned a faculty member from their respective Schools who shall remain as the mentor throughout the student's candidature. Engineering Freshmen without specialization will be assigned to a faculty from one of the Engineering schools.




An inaugural 'Meet-Your-Mentor' session will usually be scheduled within the first month of the semester. Details are sent to students via emails nearer the date.


At this meeting, students would be briefed on what is expected of them as undergraduates, in their lectures, tutorials and examinations. For freshmen without specialisation, the nature and criteria for streaming into year 1, second semester would also be made known.


A schedule of future meetings and where to meet can be drawn up at this first session.  The frequency of such meetings is up to the students and mentors.  However, it is preferable that at least two more meetings are held during the academic year.  Mentors will keep a record of the meetings in the Academic Mentoring System.

The format and content of meetings are entirely at the discretion of the mentors. They may meet the students individually or in small groups.  Meetings may be held in any place conducive for interaction, such as the tutorial rooms, school meeting rooms, staff clubs, the mentor's office, or even in the cafeteria.



For further information, please contact the following school administrators:

​School ​Administration ​Email Address
​CEE Ms Zheng Shimin, Lillian
Mr Foo Mong Keow, Thomas
Mr Koh Wee Hock​
Mr Alvin Tan Jian Kun
​SCBE Ms Vivian Lim
Mr Muhammad Nashruddiin​
​College-level Ms Noriki Chai