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EG9003 Product Development Challenge – Application​​ closed
EG9003 ​Product Development Challenge​ ​is a project-based course co-offered by NTU and Dyson. The course is worth 3 AUs and will be offered in Sem 1, AY 2020/2021. Students are to form teams of 3-5 members. Each team should be multi-disciplinary, i.e., with members from different schools. Each team is to design and build a product that solves a real-life problem that the team identifies. Each team will have a Dyson engineer and an NTU professor as mentors.​ Dyson will offer seminars on their design and project management methodologies.

Every student must submit their own application form. If you have other students whom you wish to have in your team, you should name them in the form, but they need to apply separately themselves. If you don’t, you are still welcome to apply and we will form the team with you.

Application is now open. To apply, please complete this online form. The application closes on Friday, 24 July 2020. We will call you for an interview, to be held around the end of July to select the participants, as we are only offering this to a small number of students.

This course is open to all students who are eligible to take unrestricted electives, except those who have already taken MA3179 Product Development Challenge, the predecessor to EG9003. There is no S/U option for this course.