Dyson-NTU Studio


Director's Message

The Dyson-NTU Studio was launched in August 2018 in joint collaboration between Dyson Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Its mission is to nurture future generations of technopreneurs, and provide a platform for students to come up with game-changing solutions that will eventually make it to the market.

The studio is host to the semester-long Design and Build module jointly offered by Dyson and NTU. It provides students the opportunity to work with industry experts, as they develop technological answers to real-world problems. Guided by NTU professors and Dyson engineers, students will harness advanced prototyping technologies to help translate their ideas into viable solutions.

Beyond the module, the studio is also open to students of different backgrounds and disciplines to network, connect, and band together to drive problem-solving projects.

Ample facilities for model making and light manufacturing activities, including 3D printers, metal cutting tools, soldering stations, and metrological devices allow for the iterative design, testing and development of products.​

The Studio is under the auspices of The College of Engineering through a steering committee​ of professors from different schools and a Dyson representative.

 Lee Yong Tsui
Associate Professor and Director,
Dyson-NTU Studio
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
 Yvonne Tan
RDD Engineering Manager
Dyson Operations Pte Ltd