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Dyson-NTU Innovation Challenge - Finals Presentation on 10 Apr 2019

The final presentation of the Dyson-NTU Innovation Challenge was held on Wednesday, ​10 Apr 2019, at the NTUitive building. The challenge was to design a method to better utilise warehouse spaces, given that space is at a premium in Singapore. More than ten teams entered the competition, five were shortlisted for the final:

​​Team Name ​Team  Members
​1. JLTH Co. ​1. Chuah Teong Hong (MSc, MAE)
2. Chan Jian Le (MSc, EEE)
​2. Nest ​​​1. He Zhanxin (ME)
2. Tao Shuailin (ME)
3. Gao Jingwen (ME)
4. Huang Shurui (ME)
​3. INDO Group ​1. Michael Putra Darmawan (MAT)
2. Vincent (MAT)
3. James Chen Xiao Yuan (MAT)
4. Brynna Callista (MAT)
​4. RAKH ​1. Ray Prithviraj (ENG)
2. Mohammed Adnan Azam (ENG)
3. Kirath Singh (CSC)
4. Grandhi Vamsi (ENG)
​​5. Quantum ​1. Toh Xuan Ming Arnold (REP)
2. Josiah Lim Guan Qun (ASEC)
3. Orion Dai Yuhui (ADM)
4. Lee You Xuan (ADM)

The teams made fine pitches on their designs, which were all very different. After careful deliberations, the judges delivered the results:

1st prize ($3,000): Quantum

2nd prize ($2,000): JLTH Co.

The Quantum Team with Ms Yvonne Tan of Dyson

JLTH Co. with Ms Yvonne Tan of Dyson
The finalists with the judges and organisers