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Curriculum Overview

A Revolutionary Learning Experience

The NTU Education (Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC)) on Undergraduate Education was convened by the University in August 2007 to review all aspects of undergraduate education in NTU.

A series of recommendations were put forth by the BRC with the aim of cultivating graduates who are not only creative and disciplined team players, but also innovative and ethical leaders with social awareness

The main recommendations include: 

  • A stronger academic culture with emphasis on excellence in teaching and effectiveness in learning
  • An enriched academic experience that encourages multidisciplinary broadening and out-of-class learning
  • A better quality of student life
  • Lifelong learning and high employability for graduates
  • Review and renewal of institutional development.

    Central to the BRC’s key recommendations is the revamp of the undergraduate curriculum, which boasts the following salient features:

  • A student-centric programme with a balance between deepening and broadening; in line with new pedagogies using new technologies
  • Focus on small-group learning
  • More offerings of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary courses
  • Greater flexibility in curriculum
  • More opportunities for personal development and self-learning
C​urricu​lum Over​view
for Admission Year 2016
​ ​ ​ ​
For Students
to Year 1
For Students
Admitted Directly
 to Year 2
​1 ​Core Requirement
(programme specific)
101 ~ 102 AUs ​85 ~ 95 AUs
2 General Education Requirement (GER)
(a)     GER Core 
  • Communication Skills
  • Sustainability
  • Ethics
  • Enterprise & Innovation

(b)     GER Prescribed Electives
Selection of courses from the following categories:
  • Science, Technology & Society
  • Business & Management
  • Liberal Arts

12 ~ 16 AUs
6 ~ 9 AU​s

12 ~ 16 AUs

3 ~ 6 AUs
​3 ​Unrestricted Electives ​15 AUs ​0 ~ 6 AUs
Total 138 AUs 109 ~ 110 AUs