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Curriculum Overview

The College of Engineering offers a broad-based and multidisciplinary curriculum which integrates engineering with arts, humanities, busines and social sciences. We equip students with not only technical knowledge but also analytical, problem-solving, entrepreneurial and communication skills to take on the challenges of the 21st century.

The following table presents the general curriculum structure of a single-degree Bachelor of Engineering programme. For further details on a specific programme, please refer to the relevant engineering school's website.

C​urricu​lum Over​view
​1 ​Core Programme Requirement
102 AU
2 General Education Requirement (GER)
(a) GER-Core 
    • Communication Skills
    • Introduction to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
    • Sustainability
    • Ethics
    • Enterprise & Innovation
    • Engineers & Society
(b) GER-Prescribed Electives (GER-PE)

Selection of courses from the following categories:
  • Business & Management
  • Liberal Arts
  • Science, Technology & Society

(c) Unrestricted Electives (UE)

14 AU 

9 AU

15 AU


140 AU