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​SCSE ​students win the Deep Learning Challenge Award at the ISC 2017 Student Cluster Competition

Published on: 10-Jul-2017


NTU SCSE team with Baidu staff (1st row, 2nd from left): Wu Bian (C​S Year 1), Li Yuanrui (CS Year 4), Assoc Prof Francis Lee.

(2nd row, 3rd from left) Liu Siyuan (CS Year 3), Shao Yiyang (CS Year 3), Ren Daxuan (CS Year 3), Tan Ying Hao (CS Year 2). 

(3rd row) Lu Shengliang (CE Class of 2016).​ 

The ISC Student Cluster Competition, an integral part of the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) High Performance Conference and Exhibition, was held at Frankfurt, Germany on 21 June 2017. Now into its sixth year, the ISC Student Cluster Competition encourages the world's brightest computer science students' to showcase their expertise in a friendly yet spirited competition.

A total of eleven teams from around the world converged at Frankfurt this year, to compete and build a small cluster of their own design and test their High Performance Computing (HPC) skills by optimising and running a series of benchmarks and applications.

A team of students from NTU's School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE) led by Associate Professor Francis Lee Bu Sung won the Deep Learning Challenge Award for solving the Captcha Challenge and achieving the highest degree of model accuracy. The NTU SCSE team was one of the three teams that took home this special award sponsored by Baidu Cloud. ​

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