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​Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme

Published on: 18-Aug-2016

The education and training of the entrepreneurially-minded individual is an important part of the entrepreneurial education process. Beyond methodologies and know-how, aspiring entrepreneurs require the right networks and contacts. At NTUitive’s Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme, entrepreneurially inclined students are provided with the opportunity to combine a 1 year internship in a start-up company and study at a prestigious partner university.

Our programme is intended to contribute to NTU’s vision of an NTU Education that will nurture important life-skills in leadership, cultural competence and entrepreneurial thinking. With proper academic planning, the internship programme will contribute to academic course requirements, with no extension of degree candidature. Students will get to intern in vibrant start-up communities in our pilot programme in the United Kingdom (London) and China (Beijing/Shanghai). The programme ties up with, among other top universities, Imperial College in London, Tsinghua/Peking University in Beijing and Fudan/Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Shanghai.

With NTU’s fast-rising global reputation and track record of strong partnerships with industry leaders, the Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme is the programme for you to develop your entrepreneurial dreams and passion. Do not miss out on this invaluable opportunity. Let the experience work for you.

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